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May 28, 2008


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i like this part of the post:"Black Cows are not seasonal. Just because these pictures were taken at summer's start, black cows are an important feature of Wisconsin's landscape year round." is very good

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I have a lot of cows in my farm, they are so beautiful.


Hi Susan,
I too have fond memories of A&W root beer. We didn't have an A&W drive-in near us, so my first memory of drinking A&W root beer was at a drive-in off of I-80 somewhere in Nebraska. My parents were all excited about introducing my brother and me to the new taste sensation of A&W root beer. All their hype added to the pleasure of sipping cold root beer in a frosty mug on a hot summer day. Good memories can be so simple.
And yes, that imp in the brat fest t-shirt is my 5-year-old Dave.

Susan from Food Blogga

I love it, Christie! I grew up calling them root beer floats, and we used to get them at the drive-in A&W. Did you have those? They were so much fun! A real summertime treat was I was a kid was going to the A & W for hot dogs and root beer floats then to the drive-in. It seems so quaint now, but how I miss it. Thanks for the entry!
PS-Is that your son? He's precious! :)

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